Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well, the cast list was finally announced at 1am on Friday, much like the General Elections, the flurry of excitement throughout the day between fellow Centre Stagers, slowly petered out as and when people got tired of waiting. Friday morning arrived and I checked my email to see if I had managed to bag the title role of 'Bat Boy' himself and... no, I didn't get it. I'm a tad gutted as you can imagine.

If this was an Oscar press release, I'd probably be saying something like, "It was just an honour to be nominated, I pass on my warm hearted congratulations to the lucky winner" or something as equally anodyne. Thankfully, I'm not. This is my blog and I can rant if I want to. I suppose the experience of taking part in one show and spending hours of preparation for this audition allows me some justified resentment. I'm not ungrateful for the part I have been given, the role of Bud the West Virginian farmer and I'm also over the moon to be part of another show. It's just that there aren't many leading roles in musicals I could realistically go for, what with my stature and looks. Plus, the role of Bat Boy required someone to be odd and quirky, funny yet have a vunerable and angry side and on also on a technical level, have a wide vocal range, which I have. So for me, this was a role I thought I had a decent chance in getting. I, along with others are taken aback it's gone to a tall good looking person, not my first vision of what the character should be. I admit, I'm not the strongest dancer in the eyes of the choregrapher (and I'm working on that with my weekly tap classes) and I'm sure my audition wasn't perfect. I am pleased I tried my best though and I hoped I made them see what I'm capable of. One day I'll get to belt out some heart-felt songs in front of an audience of family and friends. Something I was really keen in doing, especially before I escape this country later in the year.

I'm sure in the next couple of weeks when the show gets going, I along with others, who are more disappointed than I am, will get over it and start mucking in and concentrate on making it another great show.

Perhaps I'll do a Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls and do such a knock out supporting performance, they'll have to despense tremendous amounts of praise on me.

Okay, overly warped acting ego finished. Over and Out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I got to meet Andrew Lloyd Webber last night or ALW as his friends call him, at his showcase of Andrea Ross, his new 15 year old protege who is immensely talented and annoyingly fresh faced and American. It is true what they say about ALW though, he is like a giant bug. All limbs and eyes. I was aware that Natalie and I were probably in a long line of 'hangers on' and kept it light and left him be after a few minutes, only for him to be accosted by some guy who was terribly keen to show him his musical theatre magazine. I saw ALW's eyes roll, he heaved an inaudible sigh, giving the nervous man a well rehearsed smile and began fawning interest. I suppose to be that successful and have this kind of attention thrusted your way continuously must be quite excruciating at times.

Perhaps I should have belted out a show tune at him. Just for fun. And before security had the chance to escort me off the premises.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quote of the Week...

I don't give a diddly squat about Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother and the escalated racism row going on with former BB contestant Jade Goody and the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty who are currently incarcerated together. It has spawned opinions in everyone from own our own homes and offices, to our Chancellor Gordon Brown to (most likely) the entire country of India by this time tomorrow. Another ratings war won by Channel 4 and essentially, a sad reflection on how we seem to idolise celebrity more than the real issues and also how we perceive each other in this post 9/11, sensitive interracial climate we live in today.

What did make me laugh out loud was Frankie Boyle's comment on the TV show 'Mock The Week' last night. He spoke about the fact we - the general public and the media, despite the fact we are all fully aware she is, how the Dictionary would describe as - 'a moron', have willingly elevated Ms Goody to her current status of 'celebrity', to only now be shocked by the fact she has said some highly offensive and stupid remarks. A naive reaction, and I quote Frankie:

"The equivalent of training a chimpanzee to be a butler, but then to be horrified later on, when it decides to throw it's own shit at the dinner guests".

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A boy with fangs in his mouth...

The read through for 'Bat Boy' was essentially, a miniature reunion for Centre Stage members. As we congregated together to hear the plans for the new show, it was as if someone had flicked a 'rewind' button, that had taken us back four months, yet this time faces were familiar with banter and gossip in full flow and without trepidation. We perched once more on the hard plastic moulded school chairs that are only found in school assembly halls and Women Institute meetings, listening to the director's take on the show he had in mind for us. It sounded bigger and more exciting than I imagined. The chance to be with the gang again is enough to lift everyone's spirits, despite what reservations anyone has about the actual show.

Auditions for the show are being held next Sunday. Time to practice. Especially as I got into the last show solely on the fact I was 'A Boy'. Time to prove I can actually sing, dance and act. Well, sing, dance and act better than last time I stood in front of them and auditioned.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday I stabbed myself in the palm of my hand with a bread knife, not a cry for help, just an idiotic relapse. I then did the washing up and cut two of my fingers on another knife. I followed this by trying to remove some plastic snowflake decorations welded to my living room window with sticky tape, proceeding to gash another finger and leaving a streak of my own blood across the glass. As you can imagine, my hands needed some medical attention by this point, you know, a bit of anticeptic and some sticky plasters. It was only then, when I ripped the plaster packaging open and gave myself a paper cut, I completely lost it.

I'm finding it difficult to type this.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My year to come according to Shelley...

Being one of the friendliest and most inquisitive signs, your life has always been influenced by those around you – friends, family and colleagues - and by events. But during 2007, it may seem as if decisions are in the hands of others. This is no bad thing, as they’re able to do wonders for you. The problem is, you’re restless. You’ll make changes, settling on new plans, but not until early September, when the practical Saturn shifts to accent your domestic and working life. After that a combination of powerful insights and changes in circumstance shape your thinking and your activities.

Love and Relationships: Either somebody you know is in a position to spoil you or there’s big time love on the horizon. Even work relationships are blessed with brilliant stars. You need only say yes and the rest is magical.

Finances and work: Explore your options during the year’s first half, ensuring you both know your facts and what you want to achieve. That ensures you’re ready for dazzling ideas or opportunities soon after mid-year.

Health and Well Being:
The fast pace could take its toll, with too much to do in too little time. Since you shouldn’t say no to any of this, take frequent, if short breaks and practice stress reduction techniques.