Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who says politics isn't sexy?

With the upcoming D-Day looming for Senator Obama and Clinton this week, I thought I would show you Steve Grove. A slightly shallow reason to get into U.S. politics perhaps but the Creator of Citizentube on Youtube, reports on the daily news coverage of the American election process, giving insight and opinions to the internet generation. A fantastic opportunity I think, to get young people politicised. The added bonus as you can see is he's quite easy on the eye too. As a big fan of The West Wing you can understand why not it's not just his good looks that excites me so. He's smart and passionate. We like this in a man. Needless to say Steve goes onto my BFM list.

Anyway compared to my last entry this is a nice fluffy entry with a political edge to it. Apparently my last blog diatribe totally confounded some people. I apologise for going off on a complete tangent.