Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And another thing about Australia...

More observations about the country I currently live in.

• Having basically only two newspapers (The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald) to chose from in this city is bliss.

• Australian women loathe Nicole Kidman as much as we loathe Keira 'The Chin' Knightley.

• People traveling on their own instinctively get into the front seat of taxi cabs.

• Sausages (Snags) are long, smooth in taste and generally disappointing.

• The weather in this country is not designed for umbrellas and nobody believes in raincoats apart from tourists.

• Tuna in cans is actually pink.

• Wholemeal bread is just white bread with brown specks.

• Chocolate does melt in this country despite all the rank additives and sugar they put in it.

• They sell Christmas cards with snow over here. Why?

• Smoothies are very popular but surprisingly unhealthy for you.

• It is 'Cash Out' and not 'Cash Back' at the tills.